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    Pisces      In the scheme of astrology each of the zodiac signs supposedly indicates the level of evolution beginning with Aries and finishing with your sign, Pisces. Thereís no doubt that the water signs, Pisces being the final and most mature of them, indicates your spiritually developed character.

The ruling symbol of your star sign is the fish and just as the fish lives in the ocean, so to is Pisces suffused with feeling and empathy, the emotions that are characterized by water. You truly are a compassionate and unconditionally loving person.

You have a universal approach to the way you live and this is seen in most of your actions. Whenever you see someone suffering, or in some type of trouble, it touches your heart and you canít help but offer your assistance. Your heart goes out to them. Even if youíre in a hurry, busy doing something else, youíll take time out of your busy day to lend a helping hand where you can. It is second nature for you to care.

Your friends know you to be a person upon whose shoulders they can rest their weary and heavy heads in times of stress. They look to you when they feel they need to offload their problems. Youíre always there to help reassure and calm them.

One of the difficulties with your sensitive nature is that you avoid making hard decisions at times, especially if you feel this is going to undermine someone else. With close friends and family members youíll do anything to help them but donít forget you must also help yourself. Some Pisces are so habituated to this attitude that they themselves end up becoming the sacrificial lamb in their relationships. You should try to recognise when youíre being used as no one gains from this. Balancing your needs and those of others is a particularly important lesson for you.

Because youíre an intuitive person you donít always like to think your problems through. Using your emotions and your deeper intuitive powers is the way you prefer to resolve your life problems, even if others donít quite see the sense in it. Pisces, you are somewhat of a daydreamer arenít you? Nevertheless your instincts are powerful and more often than not correct. Your ability to foresee things before it actually happens is quite uncanny. Iíve known many Pisceans who become psychics and clairvoyant as they have the ability to act as mediums. Remember though that intuition can only go so far. Learn to develop your thinking processes as well as your intuitive feelings.

You have an instinctive understanding that thereís a unifying thread throughout all of life. You see this sometimes more clearly than you see the real world. As a result, you can tap into the universal consciousness and produce wonderful works of art and music. You should allow yourself the opportunity to express your vision of life. Culture is important to you ands you love to surround your self with artwork, music poetry and fine furnishings.

Youíre a very emotional person so you need the support of people to allow you to express this. Sometimes because youíre so hypersensitive it works against you and you end up absorbing the negativity of people around you. You mustnít let others drag you down into their world of bad feelings.

Youíre idealistic about the way you see the world and unfortunately what you see is not in keeping with your aspiration. You have to learn to accept the world with all its faults.

Sometimes youíre out of step with the world around you so be careful not to end up living in a world of your own making. You need loving friends to help your feet carefully planted on the ground so your creative dream weaving doesnít make you impractical. Youíre gentle, impressionable and receptive. You want to share your emotions and are also happy to receive the demonstrative love of others.

You try to hide just how sensitive you are and if someone insults you tend to suppress these feelings and can become depressed. You mustnít be afraid to speak up even if you do upset or anger someone by doing so.

You enjoy your own company and are quite satisfied to potter around in a quiet way and enjoy what nature and life have to offer. Youíre equally comfortable in a social environment. Sometimes you do feel isolated and a little disconnected from life. This makes you feel dispassionate even if you do seem to be enjoying what is going on.

Because you are an observer of human nature you are philosophical and realise that nothing lasts forever. If, for example, in relationships you have to let go of someone, then so be it. You understand that all good things must pass.

Your destiny is primarily connected to wisdom, self-knowledge and compassionate service to the world. You must be free to live your life on these terms and if youíre able to do so youíll become much more secure within yourself and at the same time can bring great satisfaction to those who are lucky enough to come into contact with you.