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    Virgo Compatibility (August 22nd – September 23rd)

A Virgo’s key strength is its ability to spot and solve problems. In relationships, this can be highly beneficial, as it means that the Virgo will notice incongruence in the duo’s dynamic, allowing them to help fix any problems before they get out of hand.

At the same time, the Virgo wants problems to be fixed. They need perfection, and an issue – however small – always needs to be addressed in order for them to continue forward. This makes them appear emotional and fussy, always trying to solve issues that may be subjective to their own personal experiences.

Virgo Compatibility

Both the Virgo and the Scorpio love to analyze people, which make them a very healthy match when it comes to mutual friends and activities. They differ on their analysis, but this difference allows for a great deal of lively conversation as long as the couple’s relationship is healthy.

Virgo does not experience the same results with Libra, with whom they have very different attitudes (Libras are not nearly such perfectionists, and this difference is prevalent throughout both of their daily lives). The Leo as well struggles with the Virgo’s perfectionism, as this perfectionism can often be construed as criticism, which the Leo does not handle well.

Dependability is a strength for Virgo, and so too is it a strength for both Capricorn and Taurus, so they know they can depend on each other in signs of hardship. Gemini are also well known for their practical approach to the world, so Virgo and Gemini are likely to click very well romantically.

Aquarius, Pisces and Cancer all are hit or miss when it comes to Virgo compatibility. Each has some qualities that are a match with Virgo’s natural inclinations, while each differs in ways that only cause problems about half the time (for example, Aquarius and Virgo have the same life outlook, but tend to have different perspectives on the world). Virgo experiences the same with other Virgo, with whom they can easily become too lazy or too perfectionist for each other’s liking.

Cancer and Aries, on the other hand, both are truth seeking and emotional, though Aries has a fragile ego that can easily be damaged if they feel Virgo to be too demanding.

The key to Virgo compatibility lies in patience, as their perfectionist attitude can be stressful on the rest of the Zodiac. Luckily, this perfection also helps the Virgo keep healthy relationships strong, as they are so in tune to the feelings of others that they are able to spot problems before they have become big issues in relationships.