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  Taurus Compatibility (April 20th – May 20th)

Much like the bull from which their named, the Taurus is a strong personality, one that is able to be a quality provider in any type of relationship. They are dependable and generous, known to be the kind of people that can listen to the problems of others and remain non-judgmental.

Their dependability comes with a price however, as often the Taurus begins to expect their flexibility to be rewarded with either physical items or emotional care. They often do things for themselves, which can cause them to be lazy in other aspects of their life. Despite appearing to be a very independent person, the Taurus is really more of a supporting actor in any given story, willing to show signs of independence but ultimately following the leader.

Taurus Compatibility

With so many different characteristics in common with Virgo, the two mesh together very well. Both are practical in day to day life, and Taurus’s stubbornness is accepted by the Virgo personality. Capricorn as well displays a lot of the practicality that the Taurus respects.

Leo, on the other hand, is stubborn as well. This can cause a great deal of conflict if there are any disagreements between the two, causing fights to last for a long time.

Taurus does respond quite well to other Taureans. Since they both are homebodies that will cling to each other, and their mutual laziness means that any one’s laziness will not upset the other. Pisces, also, has traits that click well with Taurus. Pisces and Taurus are both laid back and caring, allowing them to harmonize well.

Taurus does not get along with the rushed gut attitudes of both Aquarius, Gemini and Aries. All three are always hurrying and looking towards the future, while Taurus likes to take time and appreciate the present. Cancer appreciates this, as they both enjoy calm and simplicity, making the two quite compatible and capable of maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

Taurus may often find themselves drawn towards Scorpios, but they both have different life outlooks, making the two generally incompatible. Similarly a Sagittarius often shares some of the personality traits that a Taurus respects, but the two are simply too different to be completely compatible.

The key to Taurus compatibility lies in whether or not the other zodiacs can share in an enjoyment of a calm environment. Lacking this, most likely neither individual will be satisfied.