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   Pisces Compatibility (February 19th – March 20th)

Pisces are very unique in the Zodiac. They are the most artsy, in that they tend be imaginative and full of emotion. Pisces are dependable and caring, and do well when surrounded by others.

However Pisces, unlike many other signs, prefers to be dependent and subordinate. Pisces is more comfortable when they have a strong figure/role model they can look towards for guidance. Without this role model, they can become very self-pitying (borderline overdramatic) and lazy. They can also be described as oversensitive when it comes to their emotions, appearing almost histrionic in their display.

Pisces Compatibility

As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Pisces best matches with others that understand their emotions. Hence one of the most compatible signs for Pisces are other Pisces, as these two understand each other’s sensitivities.  Cancer also shares in emotional understanding, though not to the same extent.

Aries, on the other hand is far too direct, and too often hurts the Pisces feelings. Aquarius also lacks good compatibility, thought the two of them do both share an open mind.

For the Virgo, much of the compatibility is dependent on whether or not they are sharing the same paths. Virgo sets goals and tries to reach them, and if these goals differ too much from that of the Pisces, the Pisces is likely to be left behind.

Leo and Pisces have opposite qualities, but they can mix well. The sensitive Leo will not be hurt by the caring Pisces, and the Pisces will gain a strong role model to look towards for guidance. Similarly, the Capricorn also has this type of opposites attract potential, though they can be hit or miss.

Others share some pieces of Pisces, making them all not necessarily compatible, but not incompatible. For example, the Taurus and the Pisces both enjoy a very relaxed attitude when neither are upset. Gemini and Pisces are both very forgiving and non-judgmental. Scorpio is often just as compassionate and caring, and Sagittarius shares the same vivid imagination.

The key to success with Pisces compatibility lies in a combination of good role models and understanding the Pisces feelings. When those two things are taken into account, most zodiacs work out well with them.