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  Gemini Compatibility (May 21st – June 21st)

Gemini can be described in many different ways. At best, they can be described as social butterflies, able to become amazing program planners with the ability to adapt to virtually any situation and thrive in it.

At worst, they can be described as superficial or fake, possibly even “ditsy.” They often have a difficult time making decisions since they tend to go with their gut – but their gut is also often the correct path due to their adaptability, so this rash decision making is not usually an issue.

Because Gemini are so social, they often make it difficult for any individual to feel special around them, yet often times people are drawn to their wit and energy.

Gemini Compatibility

A Gemini’s compatibility is one that is based on an equal love of new experiences and adventure. As such, the Leo, Libra are a good match, as these two zodiacs also share a love of new people and new experiences. Gemini are not ones to be held back, else they find themselves getting fidgety and bored, so a zodiac that allows them this freedom and goes along for the ride will always go well.

Similarly, Aquarius and Aries share similar life outlooks with the Gemini, also looking for new experiences and ways to prevent their own boredom. All four of these zodiac (Libra, Aquarius, Leo and Aries) do a great job keeping the Gemini occupied.

Even more so do Gemini amuse other Gemini. When two Gemini meet, they become their own bubble of fun and adventure, never becoming stuck in a rut allowing neither of the two to get bored.

On the other hand, Taurus is not nearly as fond of being that outgoing, often preferring relaxation over social behaviors. The Taurean personality risks boring the Gemini, and often times is not compatible. Scorpio, as well, has so many personality traits that differ from that of the Gemini that the two of them rarely click on any level.

Virgo and Cancer have the ability to connect intellectually with Gemini, but rare do the two of them find themselves lost in deep conversation, and neither of them are particularly good at entertaining the Gemini’s busy mind. And due to the general non-committal outlook between Gemini and Sagittarius, the two of them can get along well, but rarely become more than acquaintances.

The key to Gemini compatibility lies in whether or not they can be entertained while still connecting with someone on both a spiritual and intellectual level. While Gemini tend to have many compatible zodiacs, those that do not click with Gemini may see them as cold or false.