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Aries Compatibility (March 21st – April 19th)

Aries is one of the most outgoing and vibrant of the zodiac signs. Their personalities are best described as “animated” in that they are generally openly enthusiastic about what they intend on doing. Aries are easily one of the most emotionally colorful individuals, wearing their emotions on their sleeves.

These intense emotions, however, also cause Aries to be moody and short tempered. They are not fond of delayed gratification and prefer to be amused in the present. This makes Aries one of the most impatient signs, which has been known to impact their relationships.

Aries Compatibility

Aries are incredibly independent individuals, but mostly because they feel the world revolves around them. One of the most damaging things that can happen to a relationship with an Aries is if they do not feel special for any reason.

This can conflict with many of the other zodiacs. For example, any zodiac sign that tends to be more stoic or does not often share intimacy can cause the Aries a great deal of frustration.

For this reason Aries often does not get along with other Aries, as because they often do not provide the necessary self-sacrifice in order to help the other feel special.

The Aries is also prone to gut instinct, often clashing with the Libra and the Taurus, both of which prefer to weigh options and make more informed decisions. The Aries do not usually have the patience to wait for the decision.

Also, Aries can often be seen as truthful – too truthful – about their own feelings and emotions. For some of the zodiac signs, most notably the Pisces, the Aries is always at risk at hurting the Pisces’ feelings. On the other hand, due to their pride and self-absorption, Virgos run the risk of damaging the pride of the Aries, as they are equally as honest but less sensitive to personal attacks.

Still the natural excitability and outgoingness of the Aries makes them very compatible with equally exciting zodiacs, such as the Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Gemini. Each of these zodiacs shows a certain zeal that the Aries is attracted to.

In general, the key to Aries Compatibility is how well the other zodiac can put up with their self-centeredness and emotional sensibility. A relationship with an Aries always runs the risk of being unhealthy (as the other zodiac in the relationship may try too hard to please the Aries without receiving any fulfillment in return), but when they work they can be full of excitement.