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    Aquarius Compatibility (January 20th – February 18th)

The Aquarius personality is very independently minded. They do not like to be subordinate, whether at work or at home. They also tend to never admit they are wrong, and are often seen as sarcastic and cynical.

However, their independence is also their strength, as the Aquarius personality is both inventive and witty, often categorized by an impressive amount of creativity and originality in life. And because they are such an independent group, they often come up with new and exciting things to do. No one will ever say that an Aquarius is boring.

Aquarius Compatibility

Due to the nature of the Aquarius’s need for need for independence, the Aquarius tends to be incompatible with many of the dependent signs, such as the Cancer and Scorpio, since both of these tend to be very emotional and the Aquarius is one that is more aloof.

Similarly, Aquarius tends not to share the same outlook as Taurus, who comes from a more logical perspective. Aquarius prefers to think outside the box, whereas Taurus is very focused on the capabilities of the present. Virgos, as well, do not share the same outlook on life, and although both are creative, these personalities can easily clash.

The creativity that Aquarius possesses, however, makes them ideal candidates for friendships or relationships with Aries and Gemini, both of which possess similar outlooks on life. In addition, their individuality makes them ideal candidates for each other, as neither wishes to depend on someone else or have someone else depend on them.

Aquarius and Gemini get along quite well, but their compatibility tends to be more on a deep friendship level, whereas Aquarius and Sagittarius have relationships that seem so natural they borderline on destiny.

Overall, despite requiring intellectual stimulation, Aquarius compatibility is mostly dependent on whether or not they receive the freedom they need to flourish. They tend not to get that attached to any individual, so all the signs that prefer strong emotional bonds often conflict with the Aquarius’s quest for individuality. However, because the Aquarius are such a creative and outgoing group, a relationship with an Aquarius is never dull.