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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Tiger Compatibility

The Tiger's best friends are the Horse and the Dog. The Tiger will never get along with the Monkey.

The Tiger's compatibilities with each sign in particular:

Tiger-Rat Chinese compatibility:
+ + 
Sooner or later there will be violent confrontations between the Tiger and the Rat. It all depends on their capacity of making compromises. They can be friends, but a sentimental relationship is out of the question.


Tiger-Ox Chinese compatibility:
The Tiger and the Ox are attracted to each other, but their temperaments will most certainly collide and things will get ugly. The Chinese say that there could not be a worse combination. 


Tiger-Tiger Chinese compatibility:
+ +
When two equally dominating personalities meet, the result can only be a continuous confrontation. If at least one of the two Tigers could give up...

Tiger-Rabbit Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
The differences between the Tiger and the Rabbit manifest like a benefic complementarity of which they both have something to gain.


Tiger-Dragon Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
A lively relationship, full of quarrels, but of passionate love too. The Tiger and the Dragon are a hot combination.


Tiger-Snake Chinese compatibility:
The Tiger and the Snake are way too different for their relationship to work. They have nothing in common as regards their lifestyle and conceptions and they don't even have the same goals. In conclusion: no chance.

Tiger-Horse Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
Every day is a new exciting adventure! Together, the Tiger and the Horse will have a life full of events and satisfactions.


Tiger-Goat Chinese compatibility:
+ +
A relationship in which mutual respect is actually quite exaggerated. Both the Tiger and the Goat protect each other so much that they end up not feeling comfortable around each other. They can cooperate very well if they are colleagues, but a marriage would be a nightmare.


Tiger-Monkey Chinese compatibility:
The Tiger does not belong next to a Monkey. It's such a difficult relationship that they will both go crazy or come at each other.


Tiger-Rooster Chinese compatibility:
+ + 
There will be many misunderstandings between a Tiger and a Rooster, which will give their relationship many trials. Unless both of them can communicate, they don't stand a chance. 


Tiger-Dog Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
The Tiger and the Dog admire and respect each other. A successful team in business and a close couple in sentimental relationships. 


Tiger-Pig Chinese compatibility:
+ +  +
A harmonious cohabitation, in which both the Tiger and the Pig will have a good life together. A strong relationship, that relies on friendship and common interests.