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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Your Chinese sign is the Tiger if you were born in the Chinese Year of The Tiger.

The Tiger has an incredible desire to live and (s)he doesn't lack the means to satisfy his/her pleasures. Money doesn't impress a Tiger but (s)he is keen on challenging adventures. Nothing gets in his/her way, neither unexpected situations nor danger.

The Tiger makes decisions on the spur of the moment, paying more attention to heart than reason. The Tiger's brave enthusiasm mobilizes the people around him/her. People are usually willing to follow a Tiger to the end of the Earth, just to be part of his/her bold dreams and projects that aim at escaping from the daily routine.

This extravagancy goes hand in hand with the Tiger's need to command: (s)he likes being listened to obediently. Those denying a Tiger's authority should be on guard: they risk getting hurt pretty badly.

Overdoing with anything, the Tiger's behavior shows the intense feelings inciting him/her: passion and determination are part of his/her daily life. When somebody tries to encage a Tiger, (s)he goes mad with rage and roars violently!

A true adventurer, the Tiger builds his/her life on the occasions and happenings that occur, taking advantage of any chance with an almost blind courage. It is for this reason that the Tiger is unpredictable and (s)he doesn't manage to make the others feel safe.

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