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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Snake Compatibility

The Snake goes along very well with the Ox and the Rooster. The sign (s)he cannot understand with is the Pig. 

The Snake's compatibilities with each sign in particular:

Snake -Rat Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
The Snake and the Rat feel a mutual fascination. If they manage to "bring together" the differences between them, they'll have many things to learn from each other.


Snake -Ox Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
A wonderful union: harmony, love and understanding. The Snake and the Ox understand each other without words.


Snake -Tiger Chinese compatibility:
The Snake and the Tiger are too different for their relationship to work. They have nothing in common as regards conceptions and lifestyle and they don't have the same goals either. In conclusion: no chance.

Snake -Rabbit Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
Between the Snake and the Rabbit everything starts with sex. And it also stops there. Not just like that, though, but with art and refinement.


Snake -Dragon Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
They are both intelligent, witty and sly. The Snake and the Dragon are meant for each other and they will have a good life together. 

Snake -Snake Chinese compatibility:
+ + 
Two Snakes can get along very well when working together or participating in intelligence games, because there are two sharp minds. From the sentimental point of view, though, they are threatened by jealousy. It's better to avoid this kind of combination.

Snake -Horse Chinese compatibility:
+ +
Because of different conceptions and different goals in life, the Snake and the Horse are not good for each other. However, with some communication effort, they could manage to cohabit.  


Snake -Goat Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
The Snake and the Goat will be best friends or passionate lovers. They are meant for each other.


Snake -Monkey Chinese compatibility:
+  +
In such a relationship, both the Snake and the Monkey will almost always be preoccupied with guarding from each other. They can, however, go past this exaggerated suspicion if they are both willing to show some understanding.


Snake -Rooster Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
Friends or lovers, the Snake and the Rooster will understand perfectly.


Snake -Dog Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
Attraction at first sight. After they experience sensual love, the Snake and the Dog will realize that they match spiritually too. 


Snake -Pig Chinese compatibility:
The Snake will eat the Pig alive. There is no chance of living together.