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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Rooster Compatibility

The Rooster gets along best with the Ox and the Snake. (S)He'd better not meet the Rabbit.  

The Rooster's compatibilities with each sign in particular:

Rooster -Rat Chinese compatibility:
A relationship in which love would be suffocated by conflicts. For the Rooster and the Rat to cohabit, they should "bring together" too many differences.


Rooster -Ox Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
They are a perfect match. The Rooster and the Ox will have a life full of passion and sex, without a moment of boredom.


Rooster -Tiger Chinese compatibility:
+ +
There will be a lot of misunderstandings between the Rooster and the Tiger that will endanger their relationship. They only have a chance if they are capable of communicating. 

Rooster -Rabbit Chinese compatibility:
Completely different from all points of view, the Rooster and the Rabbit have absolutely no ground on which to build a relationship.

Rooster -Dragon Chinese compatibility:
+ +
The Rooster and the Dragon are two selfish people that make a nice and interesting couple. They look good together but their personalities will finally collide. 

Rooster -Snake Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
Friends or lovers, the Rooster and the Snake will understand wonderfully.

Rooster -Horse Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
The Rooster and the Horse make a good pair. But they both have to temper their desire to dominate otherwise arguments will affect their love.  


Rooster -Goat Chinese compatibility:
There will always be problems between a Rooster and a Goat. They will find it hard to solve all of them, and every mistake makes things worse. 

Rooster -Monkey Chinese compatibility:
There can hardly be any attraction between a Rooster and a Monkey. It wouldn't lead anywhere, anyway.


Rooster -Rooster Chinese compatibility:
In a house, one authoritative person can be too much sometimes. With two Roosters in the same cottage, problems will soon appear.


Rooster -Dog Chinese compatibility:
+ +
The Rooster and the Dog have almost nothing in common, so it is highly unlikely for them to have a relationship.


Rooster -Pig Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
Despite the differences between them and their different opinions, the Rooster and the Pig can have an excellent life together. It will take just a little effort and patience.