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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Rat Compatibility

The Rat goes along very well with the Dragon and the Monkey. When a Rat sees a Horse, (s)he runs as fast as (s)he can - or at least that's what (s)he should do.

The Rat's compatibilities with each sign in particular:


Rat-Rat Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
A relationship that has all the chances to go well, especially as business partners. Between the two Rats there might appear rivalry though, and they could end up as fearsome opponents.


Rat-Ox Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
It could be a wonderful sentimental affair, with a strong physical attraction, but a marriage would be a disaster. There will always be admiration and respect between a Rat and an Ox.


Rat-Tiger Chinese compatibility:
+ +
It all depends on their capacity of making compromises. Sooner or later, problems will come up between a Rat and a Tiger. They can be best friends, but a sentimental relationship doesn't have chances.


Rat-Rabbit Chinese compatibility:
They don't match at all. The Rat, who is keen on adventure, thinks the Rabbit lacks energy and spontaneity completely. They don't speak the same language.


Rat-Dragon Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
A happy combination. The Rat and the Dragon understand wonderfully and, moreover, they are on the same "sentimental wavelength".


Rat-Snake Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
The Rat and the Snake feel a mutual fascination. If they manage to go beyond the differences between them, they will have much to learn from each other.


Rat-Horse Chinese compatibility:
Completely incompatible, the Rat and the Horse don't belong together. They can count on each other only as enemies.


Rat-Goat Chinese compatibility:
The relationship between a Rat and a Goat is very difficult. Still, it could work if both of them try hard.


Rat-Monkey Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
The Rat and the Monkey have much in common: they think alike and they see life in the same way. The mutual attraction is irresistible.


Rat-Rooster Chinese compatibility:
A relationship in which love will give up to conflicts. In order for the Rat and the Rooster to live together, they should "settle" too many differences.


Rat-Dog Chinese compatibility:
+ +
Although the Dog seems to be a little "dull" to the Rat, they can have a life together. The important thing is that there is mutual respect.


Rat-Pig Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
The Rat's cohabitation with the Pig will definitely not be dull. They enjoy mutual understanding and attraction, which can bring them a life full of joy, friendship, happiness.