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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Rabbit Compatibility

The Rabbit understands very well with the Goat and the Pig. The Rabbit has absolutely nothing in common with the Rooster. 

Rabbit's compatibilities with each sign in particular:Rat

Rabbit -Rat Chinese compatibility:
They are not good for each other. The Rat, who is crazy about adventures, thinks that the Rabbit has no energy and spontaneity. They don't speak the same language..


Rabbit -Ox Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
Both the Rabbit and the Ox are rather soft for any business relationship to work successfully, but they can have a harmonious and peaceful marriage.. 


Rabbit -Tiger Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
The differences between the Rabbit and the Tiger manifest like a benefic complementarity which both of them can benefit from.

Rabbit -Rabbit Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
A relationship between two affectionate, cultivated and mannered people. Two Rabbits will simply have a harmonious cohabitation.

Rabbit -Dragon Chinese compatibility:
+ +
The Rabbit and the Dragon have only one chance to cohabit: compromise. If both of them learn to give up a little, they'll discover they can complete each other. Otherwise, the differences between them will lead to conflicts and separation.


Rabbit -Snake Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
Between the Rabbit and the Snake, everything starts from sex. And it also ends there. However, it doesn't end just like that, but with art and refinement.

Rabbit -Horse Chinese compatibility:
+ +
A difficult relationship, but not impossible. Despite the inherent conflicts, the Rabbit and the Horse can come to understand each other and to cohabit.  


Rabbit -Goat Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
A total love, as God made it. If we also take into account that the Rabbit and the Goat have the same goals in life, respect and understand each other, it becomes clear that they will have an ideal life together. 


Rabbit -Monkey Chinese compatibility:
When a Rabbit meets a Monkey, one of them will end up crying - and it won't be the Monkey.


Rabbit -Rooster Chinese compatibility:
Completely different from all points of view, the Rabbit and the Rooster have absolutely no ground on which to build a relationship. 


Rabbit -Dog Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
A highly stable relationship. The Rabbit and the Dog can have a life full of happiness together. 


Rabbit -Pig Chinese compatibility:
+ +  + +
The Rabbit and the Pig are meant for each other. They will have a life full of tenderness, good mood and ease. Their love will last.