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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Your Chinese sign is the Rabbit if you were born in the Chinese Year of The Rabbit.

The Rabbit is a lively figure but at the same time, calm and realistic. The Rabbit uses his/her intelligence to create a shelter to fit his/her taste, in which to isolate from everything (s)he can't stand: disorder, arguments, indiscretion, anxiety, noise and hate. Hence the Rabbit's main flaw: the tendency to hide every time a conflict occurs.

The Rabbit is diplomat in society: extremely courteous and so elegant that (s)he charms all the others. The Rabbit is a good listener and the people around him/her are willing to share their secrets with him/her. Still, the Rabbit considers that everybody has to solve their problems by themselves and (s)he doesn't interfere with the others' business unless (s)he has no choice.

Beneath the Rabbit's soft and silky fur there is a calm, determined person that can overcome any kind of situation. Excessive sentimentalism and strong emotions embarrass him/her. When confronted with crises, the Rabbit has a logical and rather detached attitude that can create the impression that (s)he is indifferent or cynical.

In fact, the Rabbit's aspiration towards peace and quietness rises above anything else. All a Rabbit wants is a peaceful place that won't disturb his/her inner world: after long reflections, (s)he can build the universe that fits him/her best. Aesthete and learned, the Rabbit enjoys reading and spending his/her nights in front of the fire, with people close to him/her.

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