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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Pig Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Goat are the Pig's ideal partners. The Snake is hoodoo.   

The Pig's compatibilities with each sign in particular:

Pig -Rat Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
The Pig's cohabitation with the Rat won't be dull at all. The two enjoy mutual understanding and attraction, which can bring them a life full of joy, friendship and happiness.


Pig -Ox Chinese compatibility:
+ + 
Due to strong sexual attraction and some common conceptions, the relationship between a Pig and an Ox is worth trying. With a little luck, they can cohabit harmoniously.


Pig -Tiger Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
A harmonious cohabitation, in which both the Pig and the Tiger will enjoy good mood. A strong relationship that relies on friendship and common interests.  

Pig -Rabbit Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
The Pig and the Rabbit are meant for each other. They will have a very tender cohabitation, full of good mood and peace. Their love will face time successfully. 

Pig -Dragon Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
The love between a Pig and a Dragon is so deep, tender and playful that it becomes annoying to those around. Their presence is almost suffocating. However, to them it's a harmonious cohabitation, based on spiritual communication.

Pig -Snake Chinese compatibility:
The Snake will eat the Pig alive. No chance of living together.


Pig -Horse Chinese compatibility:
+ + 
The Pig and the Horse can have a great time together at parties, on the sport ground or on trips, but neither of them is capable of taking care of real, daily problems. A relationship that can be enjoyable, but it won't last.  


Pig -Goat Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
The Pig and the Goat fall in love at first sight and understand each other without words. If they could, they would party all the time and treat themselves with caviar and champagne, as they both like doing.  

Pig -Monkey Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
There is an irresistible sexual attraction between the Pig and the Monkey. The possible misunderstandings and arguments will only stir things up.


Pig -Rooster Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
Despite the differences between them and divergent ideas, the Pig and the Rooster can have an excellent life together. It will only take a little effort and patience...


Pig -Dog Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
Although the relationship between a Pig and a Dog will probably be a little dull, it is based on sincerity and mutual respect. Therefore, they will have a good life together.


Pig -Pig Chinese compatibility:
+ + 
The relationship between two Pigs starts well, with mutual understanding, but it ends quickly, when both of them realize how shallow the other one is.