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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Your Chinese sign is the Ox if you were born in the Chinese Year of The Ox.

The Ox believes that more haste means less speed. (S)He lives his/her life with determination and common sense. The Ox loves nature and work in the open air, (s)he observes traditions and (s)he's a serious person, who looks for quiet places.

You can rely on the Ox's stability, as well as on his/her inner strength. The Ox is altruistic, loyal, honest, faithful and upstanding.

The Ox usually hides his/her feelings, especially when (s)he's in love lest (s)he should be rejected. Loneliness doesn't bother the Ox and (s)he prefers spending his/her nights in a cozy cottage at the countryside rather than in a crowded café.

The Ox is not quite diplomat, on the contrary, (s)he is a little too straightforward: (s)he is very sincere, (s)he tells it as it is, without hesitation. If an Ox is attacked, (s)he fights back immediately, as an ox, ready to bunt.

The ones hurting an Ox, as well as the ones close to him/her have to be careful: the Ox holds a grudge for a long time - even too long - and (s)he never forgets a face or a name. The Ox always avenges him/herself, even after years and years. One thing is clear: the Ox is not a good loser and (s)he can't stand failure.

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