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The Rat Zodiac Sign

Goat Compatibility

The Goat is on the same wavelength with the Rabbit and the Pig. The Goat has absolutely nothing in common with the Ox.  

The Goat's compatibilities with each sign in particular:

Goat -Rat Chinese compatibility:
The relationship between a Goat and a Rat is very difficult. Still, if they both make efforts, it might work.


Goat -Ox Chinese compatibility:
Although the Goat and the Ox feel a certain kind of mutual attraction, their relationship has no future. They have almost nothing in common, neither sentimentally nor intellectually.


Goat -Tiger Chinese compatibility:
+ + 
A relationship in which mutual respect is rather exaggerated. Both the Goat and the Tiger try so hard to spare the other one that they end up not feeling good together. They can co-operate excellently if they are colleagues but a possible marriage would be a nightmare. 

Goat -Rabbit Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
A total love, as God gave it. If we also take into consideration that the Goat and the Rabbit have the same goals in life, respect and understand each other, it becomes clear that they'll have a perfect life together.

Goat -Dragon Chinese compatibility:
Although between the Goat and the Dragon is a strong sexual attraction, they will finally realize they are not meant to be together and they'll take different roads. 

Goat -Snake Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
The Goat and the Snake will be good friends or passionate lovers. They are meant for each other.

Goat -Horse Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
Love at first sight! Moreover, their union will get stronger and stronger, as they realize they have the same passions and wishes. A lasting relationship.  


Goat -Goat Chinese compatibility:
+ + +
From the union of two Goats results a couple of hedonists (in plain English, crazy about profane pleasures) that get along perfectly.

Goat -Monkey Chinese compatibility:
+  +
Although they are two very different people, both the Goat and the Monkey can take advantage of the other one's qualities, building an interesting relationship. But this is possible only if both of them are willing to communicate and accept wise compromises.


Goat -Rooster Chinese compatibility:
There will always be problems between a Goat and a Rooster. They will find it hard to solve all of them, and things get worse with each new mistake. 


Goat -Dog Chinese compatibility:
There is no attraction between the Goat and the Dog because they have nothing in common. They can spend much time together but neither of them will enjoy it very much.  


Goat -Pig Chinese compatibility:
+ + + +
The Goat and the Pig fall in love at first sight and they will understand without words. If they could, they would always party, exquisitely, with champagne and caviar, as they both like it.