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    Aquarius      You were fortunate enough to be born under the humanitarian zodiac sign of Aquarius. You are therefore ruled by electric and progressive Uranus making you forward thinking and self-directed. Youíre a born revolutionary so no one can tell you how to live your life. Your clear-cut approach makes it perfectly clear just how differently you wish to experience life.

You just donít want to be like others and take pride in the fact that youíre so unique. Even if youíre occasionally criticised for your cheeky attitude, youíd far prefer to be self-sufficient rather than being a sheep in society who follows everyone elseís lead.

You are a zesty individual, having tremendous amounts of energy. You are determined and forceful in how you deal with people. You want to express your ground-breaking spirit in everything you do but unfortunately you wonít always able to break free of the limits that are imposed upon you. Some Aquarians learn through their family life that before you can be the master of your own destiny, you have to serve. In some extreme cases Aquarians are controlled and dominated by others throughout the formative period of their lives which is why itís so difficult for them to submit to others.

If youíre not able to live your life on your own terms, youíll dream and aspire to a future time when you can fulfil your destiny to the fullest in exactly the way you want. You have very inspirational views of the world and even if your opinions are too different, youíll always be respected for speaking your mind honestly.

You share your zodiac sign with many other grand personalities. Like them you are attracted to social issues. You like to be involved in groups and organisations that make a difference in society. Even in the smallest of ways, you will try to make some difference in this world. If you look at Aquarians like Oprah Winfrey, Boris Yeltsin and entertainers like Peter Gabriel and John Travolta, they are deeply interested in changing the awareness of people to make the world a better place.

Because you have great organisational and communication skills you work really well with others. You have your own ideas and solutions to problems. Others are surprised at your quirky approach and how you resolve these issues.

Youíre investigative, curious and extremely active mentally. Your thinking mind rarely, if ever, stops. You need to learn when to shut down as your brain can become overactive, especially at night.

Communication is your speciality and you relate well to the world. You will continue to enlarge your active personality so donít try to suppress your true character Ė just express it prudently. Youíre vigorous in the way you present your ideas so thereís never a dull moment around you. Thereís often someone who wants to challenge you, especially if they happen to have a much more conventional way of doing things. Youíll be more than happy to challenge that taking great pleasure in proving them wrong.

Uranus, your planetary ruler, is abrupt and breathtaking by nature and will fill your life with plenty of unanticipated surprises - good and not so good. You like it like this and the unexpected is something you thrive upon! Even if you have a stable home or work situation you like to shake things up from time to time to keep everyone on their toes. Still, youíre very loyal when it comes to your most personal relationships.

You like to create a comfortable environment in which to live. Venus influences your domestic sphere so you have a flair for design and colour. Your surroundings mirror your unique character. Others are amazed at the way you decorate your home. Thereíll be nothing ordinary about it, thatís for sure.

Your far-reaching attitudes overwhelm your friends sometimes and they sometimes refer to you as harmlessly ďmadĒ. Salvador Dali the famous painter once remarked about himself - "The only difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad!" Even if he wasn't an Aquarius - this sums you up perfectly.

You embrace anything technological as Aquarius governs modern appliances. You are inventive and research orientated and certainly aren't a technophobe. If youíre an Aquarian male, some may even call you the ďgadget manĒ. You like to be up to date with the latest and greatest handheld devices, computers and other audio or visual entertainment equipment.

You find it difficult to uphold relationships with those who arenít prepared to evolve in the same way as yourself. Due to this youíll be continually re-inventing yourself, trying to stimulate your friends to be better. Your rigid opinions bring you into disagreement with others. One of the laws of power suggests that you must act like others, but donít always openly air your thoughts. Itís a good idea for you to keep some of their sweeping ideals tucked away until you test the water first.

Thereís a universal quality about you. Although you appear aloof and detached you're inwardly sensitive and caring. You prefer to associate with people who share the same diverse views on life. Your life will almost certainly never be drab. You are able to embrace anything new including music and fashion. This is why youíll always be young at heart.


Dating Banner Exchange

Dating Banner Exchange

Dating Banner Exchange